The History of Black Superheroes in Film

black pantherThe second trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther was released this week with much fanfare especially in the African American community and with the release of the Black Panther trailer, a lot of people seem to have forgotten all the other black superhero movies that struggled to pave the way for a movie like Black Panther to happen. But I didn’t so I’m here to give you the history of black superheroes in film.

abar-first-black-supermanAbar, The First Black Superman(1977)

After moving into a racist neighborhood, A scientist gives a bodyguard named John Abar a superpower elixir that gives him special abilities that make him a superpowered crimefighter. Abar, The First Black Superman is not the greatest movie, actually it’s a pretty terrible movie but it is considered the first black superhero movie.

meteor manThe Meteor Man (1993)

Jefferson Reed is a mild-mannered school teacher in Washington D.C., who is struck down by a glowing green meteorite that gives him powers such as flight, laser vision, and superhuman strength and with these powers, he chooses to rid his neighborhood of crime. Meteor Man broke barriers for its time as it is the first black superhero movie to have a superhero in a costume, Meteor Man also had a 6-issue limited series spin-off produced by Marvel Comics.


Blankman (1994)

Darryl Walker is a clumsy nerdy repairman and Batman fan, who is childishly naive and optimistic, but when his grandmother is murdered by the mob Darryl decides to take justice into his own hands. Blankman goes the parody route with superhero movies as it makes fun of the 1960’s Batman TV show and stars Comedians Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier. Originally Blankman was supposed to be mentally disabled but the studio thought it would be offensive.


Spawn (1997)

The first black superhero movie that was actually based on a comic book, Spawn follows Al Simmons, A black ops operative who is assassinated by the head of his government agency and comes back from the dead as a supernatural being to get revenge. Although Spawn was not a box office success it was a step in the right direction.


Steel (1997)

1997 was a weird year as it gave us two black superhero movies in one year. Steel was the first black superhero based on a DC comic book, Steel follows John Henry Irons, A weapons designer for the U.S. military who goes back home to fight crime in a suit of armor. Steel was a box office bomb and was panned by critics and almost killed superhero movies for a while.


Blade (1998)

Marvel’s first foray into the big screen since Howard The Duck, they choose to gamble on a not very well known black superhero called Blade. Blade is a vampire hunter, who happens to be half-vampire himself, the movie turned out to be a success which spawned two sequels and helped Marvel become the superhero film juggernaut it is today.



Loosely based on the DC comics anti-heroine, this story follows Patience Phillips a meek graphics designer who finds out a dark secret about her employers and is murdered but is then revived by Egyptian cats that grant her superhuman cat-like abilities. Catwoman is the first superhero movie with a black woman as the lead, something that hasn’t happened since hopefully the box office disappointment of this movie didn’t deter studios from thinking that a black female superhero wouldn’t work. Because if it did that would be a shame.


Hancock (2008)

Hancock might be the worst depiction of a black superhero ever. John Hancock is an alcoholic homeless person with superhuman powers that get exploited by a publicist for his own personal gain and his only weakness is a white woman. Worst superhero movie ever.


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Harvey Weinstein And The Long History Of Sexual Abuse In Hollywood


harvey weinstein

In the midst of the Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal, Hollywood has banded together to denounce Harvey Weinstein and his disgusting sexual behavior against women including high-profile actresses like Ashley Judd and Angelina Jolie. From George Clooney to Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood actors and actress are coming out of the woodwork and distancing themselves from Weinstein in the wake of this news coming out.

But sexual deviancy is nothing new in Hollywood came in 1921 when comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was accused by actress Virginia Rappe of raping her, she died days later from a ruptured bladder, then Arbuckle was charged with murder, he was later acquitted. Famed actor Errol Flynn had a two-year affair with a 15-year-old girl and was also accused of statutory rape in 1942, former child actress Shirley Temple recalls in her book Child Star that an MGM producer exposed himself to her when she was only 12 years old in 1940. Wizard of Oz actress Judy Garland was propositioned for sex multiple times by MGM studio execs.

The most famous story of the modern era was when Director Roman Polanski had sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old actress in 1977. Comedian Bill Cosby was accused of drugging and violating women since the 1960’s. Filmmaker and Comedian Woody Allen is a Hollywood icon, but he is also without his controversy, as he has been accused of molesting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, he also had an affair with his other adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Filmmaker Bryan Singer was accused of drugging and raping a young actor in the late 90’s and a 14-year-old extra also accused Singer of asking him and other minors to film a nude shower scene for his film Apt. Pupil, a lawsuit was filed but dismissed for insufficient evidence. Actor Casey Affleck was accused by two women of un-welcomed sexual advances, one of the women said Affleck would crawl into bed with her while she slept for routine instances of sexual harassment.

The point is I can name at least 30 more entertainers, directors, and producers who have been involved in some sketchy sex scandal at one point in their career, so Hollywood should not be shocked by the actions of Harvey Weinstein when they are the ones that created it.


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10 Marvel Heroes Who Need A Netflix Series

spiderwoman10. Spider-Woman

Terminally Ill Teenager Jessica Drew Is Injected With Spider Blood By Her Scientist Father And Gains Superhuman Abilities. Throw In Jessica’s History With Hydra And S.H.I.E.L.D. This Could Be An Interesting Concept.

West-Coast-Avengers 9. West Coast Avengers

This Show Could Have Potential If You Change Certain Aspects Of The Story. If You Just Mention The Movie Avengers In Passing And Use Heroes And Villians That Can’t Be Used In The MCU This Could Work.

shang chi8. Shang-Chi

Personally, I Don’t Think Shang-Chi Gets The Credit He Deserves Which Is Why I’m Chomping At Bit For A Shang-Chi Series. There Are A Lot Of Things That Can Be Done With A Shang-Chi Series, You Could Have Him Team Up With Iron Fist And Luke Cage Which Could Be A Precursor To The Heroes For Hire.

Power_pack7. Power Pack

You Would Think A Comic About A Team Of Superpowered Kids Would Be Light-Hearted But The Power Pack Are Far From That. Power Pack Deals With Issues Of Child Abduction, Sexual Abuse, Bullying And Teen Angst. Perfect For Netflix.

Ghost Rider

6. Ghost Rider

I Know That They Are Using Ghost Rider On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. But They Are Using The Ricky Reyes Version. I Want To See The Johnny Blaze Version Done Right. Which Is Why Netflix Would Be The Perfect Place For The Spirit Of Vengeance.

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Daughters_of_the_Dragon5. Daughters Of The Dragon

We Kinda Saw A Tease Of This In The Defenders. I Would Love To See Colleen Wing And Misty Knight Finally Team-Up For A Series.

luke-cage-iron-fist-heroes-for-hire4. Heroes For Hire


blade-pose3. Blade

This Is A No Brainer, Just Do It Netflix.

she hulk2. She-Hulk

This Show Would Be A Little Tricky, First Because You Would Have To Find A Woman Buff And Sexy Enough To Play She Hulk And You Would Have To Have Bruce Banner Show Up In Some Episodes Which Means Mark Ruffalo Would Have To Step Down To The TV Level Which Might Be Hard For Him To Do. But I Still Would Like To See This Made.

Moon_Knight_Head1. Moon Knight

I Think It’s About Time Marvel’s Batman Gets His Just Due.


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Top 10 Favorite 90’S Cartoons

rugrats10. Rugrats

I Wish I Was A Fly On The Wall When They Came Up With This Idea, A Show About Talking Babies And What They Do When Their Parents Aren’t Watching, BRILLIANT!

DarkwingDuck 9. Darkwing Duck

I Love This Show, It’s Batman If He Had A Sense Of Humor…And A Duck.

RenAndStimpy8. The Ren And Stimpy Show

I Feel Like There Was A Lot Of Hallucinogenic Drugs Taking At Nickelodeon Studios When They Came Up With This Show.

superman-animated-series7. Superman: The Animated Series

This Is The Best Superman Cartoon Ever, It Made Superman A Real Person And It Gave Him Flaws Without Him Compromising His Morals, Plus The Justice Leauge Cartoon Came From This.

animaniacs6. Animaniacs

This Show Is The Reason I Love Pop Culture.

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beast-wars5. Beast Wars

A Great Spinoff To Transformers….And The Toys Were Dope Too.

Gargoyles4. Gargoyles

This Show Tackled Issues Of Gun Violence, Racism And Greed.

Spider-Man-the-Animated-Series23. Spider-Man

This Is The Show That Got Me Into Comics.

batman tas2. Batman: The Animated Series

This Was The Re-Invention Of Batman On TV.

x-men-the-animated-series1. X-Men

This Show Tackled Tough Topics Like Faith, Racism, World Issues And Pollution. I Think This Show Is The GOAT Of 90’S Cartoons.


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Movies Turning 20 In 2018

MSDHABA EC003Half Baked

This Movie Was Dave Chappelle’s First Stepping Stone To Fame.

spice-worldSpice World

This Group Was Such A Phenomenon In The Late 90’s They Had Their Own Movie.


Ben Affleck Was The Bomb In This, Yo.

replacement killersThe Replacement Killers

The World Was Introduced To The Greatness Of Chow Yun Fat.



Still Haven’t Seen This Movie But I Bet Samuel L. Jackson Says Mother Fucker In It.

the-wedding-singerThe Wedding Singer

One Of Adam Sandler’s More Tolerate Movies.

big lebowski

The Big Lebowski

It’s Been Almost 20 Years And I Still Don’t Get This Movie.

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Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

U.S. Marshals

The Movie Where Two-Face And Iron Man Chase Blade For An Hour And A Half.

the-man-in-the-iron-maskThe Man In The Iron Mask

Leonard DiCaprio Put A Mask On His Face At The Height Of His Heartthrob Status, That’s Acting Sir.

Primary-Colors-1998-movie-posterPrimary Colors

The Movie About Bill Clinton But Not Really.

wild thingsWild Things

This Movie Is Basically Skinemax Porn With A- List Actors, Okay C- List Actors.

lost in space.jpg

Lost In Space


city-of-angels-1998City Of Angels

The Culmination Of All Late 90’s Adult Alternative Music.


A TALKING PARROT! How Delightful.


The Big Hit

This Was My Shit When I Was A Teenager.

He-Got-GameHe Got Game

Rosario Dawson…..Nuff Said.


Deep Impact

Extinction Level Event Threatens All Life As We Know It, Blame The Black President.




Again, Why?


Don’t Do Drugs Kids.

Got-the-Hook-UpI Got The Hook-Up


theres-something-about-mary-520cbf395cff4There’s Something About Mary

Because Stalking Is Funny.


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