Top 10 Favorite Nu-Metal Bands

korn10. Korn

This Band From Bakersfield, California is Considered The Pioneer of Nu-Metal. The Band Consisting of Lead Singer Jonathan Davis, Guitarists James “Munky” Shaffer and Brian “Head” Welch, Bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu and Drummer David Silveria Brought A New Inventive Sound To Hard Rock and Heavy Metal With Tuned Down Guitars, Groovy Bass Playing, Snare-Based Drumming and Lyrics About Questioning Sexuality, Bullying and Molestation. Korn Definitely Brought Something New To The Game.

system-of-a-down9.System of a Down

This Band From Glendale, California is Frank Zappa Meets Prog Rock Meets Acid Jazz Meets Thrash Metal. With The Spastic Vocals of Serj Tankian, The Machine Gun Guitar Playing of Daron Malakian and The Cool as Ice Rhythm Section of Bassist Shavo Odadjian and Drummer John Dolmayan, System of a Down is in a Class All By Themselves. This Band is Not Afraid To Be Controversial Either With Lyrics About War, Poverty and Greed.

staind8. Staind

This Boston Based Band Was Heavily Influenced By 90’s Grunge and You Can Tell That They Studied At The Altar Of Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam. The Weary Yet Heart-Wrenching Vocals Of Aaron Lewis, The Tuned Down Guitar Playing Of Mike Mushok, The Melancholy Bass Playing Of Johnny April and The Hard Hitting Drumming Of Jon Wysocki Set A Tone Of Darkness To Their Music and With Lyrics About Suicide, Depression and Mundane Life You Will Have To Think About Rainbows and Unicorns To Get Over What You Just Heard.


7. Deftones

This Band From Sacramento, California Is Heavily Influenced By 80’s New Wave, R&B, West Coast Hip Hop and Ambient Music. Lead By The Smooth Yet Sometimes Rage Filled Vocals Of Chino Moreno, The Ambient Sounds Of Guitar Player Stephen Carpenter and DJ Frank Delgado, The Reliable Bass Playing Of Chi Cheng and The Fast Paced Rhythmic Drumming Of Abe Cunningham, The Deftones Somehow Made Music You Can Mosh To and Make Love To.

mudvayne6. Mudvayne

Mudvayne Might Be The Most Musical Band On This List. This Chicago Based Band Consisting Of Lead Singer Chad Gray, Guitarist Greg Tribbett, Bassist Ryan Martinie and Drummer Matt McDonough Infused Jazz Fusion, Death Metal, Prog Metal and Horror Based Lyrics To Make A Beautiful Masterpiece.

LinkinPark5. Linkin Park

As A 15-Year-Old Boy, Linkin Park Was Everything To Me. I Listened To Their First Album Hybrid Theory Ad-Nauseum. This Los Angeles, California Based Band Consisting Of Lead Singer Chester Bennington, Rapper Mike Shinoda, Guitarist Brad Delson, Bassist Dave Farrell, Drummer Rob Bourdon and DJ Joe Hahn Took Nu-Metal To Next Level By Making More Pop Friendly Metal That Can Appeal To The Masses. If Korn Invented Nu-Metal, Linkin Park Perfected It.

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4. Sevendust

If You Look Up The Word Underrated In The Dictionary You Might Find A Picture Of Sevendust. This Atlanta Based Band Is Probably The Greatest Band You Kinda Heard Of. Lead By The Soulful Yet Gritty Vocals Of Lajon Witherspoon, Guitar-Hero Level Playing Of Clint Lowery and John Connolly, The Aggressive Bass Of Vince Hornsby and The Fast Paced Drumming Of Morgan Rose, Sevendust Is A Force To Be Reckoned With and A Band That Should Be More Famous Than They Are.


3. Chevelle

Chevelle Is The Thinking Man’s Nu-Metal Band. This Chicago Based Band Originally Consisting Of The Loeffler Brothers(Peter, Sam and Joe) Were Very Different From Their Peers As They Had Lyrics About Acendecy, Alien Abduction and Science.

disturbed2. Disturbed

Another Band From Chicago, Disturbed Might Be One Of The Most Successful Bands Ever With Five Consecutive Number One Albums. This Band Consisting Of Powerhouse Lead Singer David Draiman, Guitarist Dan Donegan, Bassist John Moyer and Drummer Mike Wengren Somehow Found A Way To Mix 80’s Metal, Hip Hop and Electronica.

slipknot1. Slipknot

A Beautiful Disaster, That How I Describe Slipknot’s Music. This Des Moines, Iowa Based Band Consisting Of Lead Singer Corey Taylor, Guitarist Mick Thompson and Jim Root, Bassist Paul Gray, Drummer Joey Jordinson, Percussionists Shawn Crahan and Chris Fehn and DJs Sid Wilson and Craig Jones Mixed Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Hip Hop and Groove Metal. With A Keen Focus On Stage Performance and Theatrics, A Lot Of People Consider Slipknot The KISS Of This Generation.


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