Top 10 Favorite 90’S Cartoons

rugrats10. Rugrats

I Wish I Was A Fly On The Wall When They Came Up With This Idea, A Show About Talking Babies And What They Do When Their Parents Aren’t Watching, BRILLIANT!

DarkwingDuck 9. Darkwing Duck

I Love This Show, It’s Batman If He Had A Sense Of Humor…And A Duck.

RenAndStimpy8. The Ren And Stimpy Show

I Feel Like There Was A Lot Of Hallucinogenic Drugs Taking At Nickelodeon Studios When They Came Up With This Show.

superman-animated-series7. Superman: The Animated Series

This Is The Best Superman Cartoon Ever, It Made Superman A Real Person And It Gave Him Flaws Without Him Compromising His Morals, Plus The Justice Leauge Cartoon Came From This.

animaniacs6. Animaniacs

This Show Is The Reason I Love Pop Culture.

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beast-wars5. Beast Wars

A Great Spinoff To Transformers….And The Toys Were Dope Too.

Gargoyles4. Gargoyles

This Show Tackled Issues Of Gun Violence, Racism And Greed.

Spider-Man-the-Animated-Series23. Spider-Man

This Is The Show That Got Me Into Comics.

batman tas2. Batman: The Animated Series

This Was The Re-Invention Of Batman On TV.

x-men-the-animated-series1. X-Men

This Show Tackled Tough Topics Like Faith, Racism, World Issues And Pollution. I Think This Show Is The GOAT Of 90’S Cartoons.


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