10 Marvel Heroes Who Need A Netflix Series

spiderwoman10. Spider-Woman

Terminally Ill Teenager Jessica Drew Is Injected With Spider Blood By Her Scientist Father And Gains Superhuman Abilities. Throw In Jessica’s History With Hydra And S.H.I.E.L.D. This Could Be An Interesting Concept.

West-Coast-Avengers 9. West Coast Avengers

This Show Could Have Potential If You Change Certain Aspects Of The Story. If You Just Mention The Movie Avengers In Passing And Use Heroes And Villians That Can’t Be Used In The MCU This Could Work.

shang chi8. Shang-Chi

Personally, I Don’t Think Shang-Chi Gets The Credit He Deserves Which Is Why I’m Chomping At Bit For A Shang-Chi Series. There Are A Lot Of Things That Can Be Done With A Shang-Chi Series, You Could Have Him Team Up With Iron Fist And Luke Cage Which Could Be A Precursor To The Heroes For Hire.

Power_pack7. Power Pack

You Would Think A Comic About A Team Of Superpowered Kids Would Be Light-Hearted But The Power Pack Are Far From That. Power Pack Deals With Issues Of Child Abduction, Sexual Abuse, Bullying And Teen Angst. Perfect For Netflix.

Ghost Rider

6. Ghost Rider

I Know That They Are Using Ghost Rider On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. But They Are Using The Ricky Reyes Version. I Want To See The Johnny Blaze Version Done Right. Which Is Why Netflix Would Be The Perfect Place For The Spirit Of Vengeance.

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Daughters_of_the_Dragon5. Daughters Of The Dragon

We Kinda Saw A Tease Of This In The Defenders. I Would Love To See Colleen Wing And Misty Knight Finally Team-Up For A Series.

luke-cage-iron-fist-heroes-for-hire4. Heroes For Hire


blade-pose3. Blade

This Is A No Brainer, Just Do It Netflix.

she hulk2. She-Hulk

This Show Would Be A Little Tricky, First Because You Would Have To Find A Woman Buff And Sexy Enough To Play She Hulk And You Would Have To Have Bruce Banner Show Up In Some Episodes Which Means Mark Ruffalo Would Have To Step Down To The TV Level Which Might Be Hard For Him To Do. But I Still Would Like To See This Made.

Moon_Knight_Head1. Moon Knight

I Think It’s About Time Marvel’s Batman Gets His Just Due.


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